Concept Fine Art & Commissions - Robin Griggs Wood


My collection here is being added to as time permits, however, if you see something that you like in any of my albums available at most major social networks, please do not hesitate to ask for them to be uploaded here. ("Contact Robin" through the link at the top of each page.)

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No one knows when they first arrived.
The length of our incarceration spans time and mortal attention.
Their boats carried them here, propelled by the celestial winds.
They drew swords of light against any who opposed them.

Trepidation is pounding in me,
because I have never seen one die.

In the Great Lores it is told of a long battle,
fought by valorous ones of endless daring.
Though, I see no courage in the furtive eyes of the Elder Synod,
only the unctuous groveling that earns them favor
so long as they maintain the quiescence of the multitudes.

It is true that I cannot believe there was ever a war,
that we ever had valiant warriors among us.
Yet, since the moment I awoke in this place I call Home,
I have felt these stirrings inside of me; the need to fight.
I am ready.

I can only hope that you are, too.

words and digital matte painting by Robin Griggs Wood

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